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IMG_20160428_081010-2.jpgI have been looking after my tomato plant at home. I water it about twice a week. I keep my tomato plant in the window in the kitchen  where it gets plenty of sunlight. It was very small when I brought it home from school and now its huge!

By:Meghan Murray.


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An Easter Garden !

On Monday we went to the church and saw a different  garden.

An Easter Garden !

There was a tomb in the garden and there were birds and bunnies,  and some other animals and a lovely stream. There were 3 crosses on top of the tomb and it was a beautiful Easter garden.  We saw the empty tomb and an angel inside the tomb.

Zilin Kong



Sunflowers !

Today we pricked out sunflower seedlings which we  had sewn only two weeks ago. Each of the class planted one.

We took them out of a tray. We picked them separately.

We put the sunflowers into pots. Some of the flowers were tall and some

were small. They will grow very tall when we plant them out in our garden. They will also provide food for the birds in winter because they love sunflower seeds.!!




                                                      STEVE DOLAN

Earthing Up the spuds!!

Today we went to see the potato plants  which we planted on March 14th .They are looking healthy .We can no longer earth the potato plants in the bucket because the bucket is too small .

Woodies gave us a  potato bag and we put some earth inside one of them and we put five potatoes in there. They are First Earlies and are called “Sharpes Express”  They look very healthy and seem to be growing strong . We put in more compost today to cover the stalks.  Pat , the caretaker helped us. In June we will harvest them and cook them in school Yum!

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A Visit from Woodies

Yesterday we had a visit from Stephan and From Tony from Woodies.

They spoke to us about plants and how to care for them.

They brought us some cool plants and seeds and a propagator.

One of the plants was called an Aloe Vera plant and it is used  as an antiseptic and as treatment for  minor burns.

Another very cool plant is the Venus Fly trap which traps  insects.

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Growing potatoes


We are hoping to plant some potatoes in the school garden.  We have a small raised bed.

Before Christmas we weeded it and we put in some manure and seaweed. A man called Jan brought the seaweed for us. We also planted some tulips on that day. They are growing now, but when they have withered we plan to put in some seed potatoes.


We have Some first Earlies called Red Duke of York.  We learned that you need to chit the seed potatoes before you plant them . That means you put them on a windowsill so  the little “eyes” in the potato will sprout. This helps them to grow a bit faster when they are put into soil around St. Patricks’s Day.

We hope to plant them before the Easter holidays if the weather is suitable.

Wednesday March 9th.

Today we put one of our seed potatoes in a bucket on the windowsill in the science room. We will  get holidays on Wednesday next so we will put it outside for the Easter holidays and hope for the best!


Growing Seeds

My class and I  have been learning about plants.

We learned that a seed contains a tiny plant and enough food to get the plant started.

All you need to provide is the correct temperature , enough light and moisture.

We decided to put this to the test.

February 17th.

This is a kidney bean.  Now we have got kidney beans growing in a little glass jar. We put wet tissue on the inside of the jar and the beans between the glass and the tissue so that we could see what would happen. We kept the tissue wet and provided light. A week later  we could see a little root being sent down. Now , eighteen days have passed and the root system is well formed . We are waiting for the shoots to grow up.


By Reece Heffernan


Today ( March 11th)

They kidney bean seeds have grown very big in the jar .

They are now using photosynthesis to make their own food.

We removed one from the jar and put in a pot with some compost .

We will compare the beans in the jar with the one in the compost.